Re: Beacon mode

Butch Bussen

That is the way my Kenwood 850 works. I guess I lucked out as I don't know where to set that and mine only identifies with activity.
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Wallace, ks.

On Sat, 23 Feb 2013, Dave Gingrich wrote:

Kenwood repeaters are set up the same way. But there is an option to require activity during the interval. Although it was in an obscure place and not obvious (a check box somewhere in the GUI). Set that and it only IDs with activity.

Actually, I don't think the commercial guys have to ID at all if they are running from their licensed location. That probably varies with what type of license they have (part 95, part 90, etc)

The only reason Hams have to identify is because we are not tied to a specific physical place.


On Feb 23, 2013, at 9:09 AM, k9eq <> wrote:


I just installed a new Icom FR-6000 commercial repeater. Guess how the ID'er works. You set the text, interval, speed, and tone. That's it. Every X minutes it will send out an ID. 24x7. No options other than no ID. Apparently this has become a standard for commercial repeaters? The default timer was 15 minutes, so I assume the commercial guys don't have to ID as often.

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