Damage to 3 of 4 NARRI's 1U servers


There was water damage to 3 of 4 NARRI’s 1U servers at ISP data center effecting all IRLP Reflector, Echo link Conference servers and D-Star Reflector 014  . AC condensate dripped into our cage from an overhead light fixture. Weird path to our cage. Killed the Mother Boards.   ISP being responsible for damage has provided Blade servers on original IPs and tech support.


Status:  HDs found to be OK.  Centos 5.1  loaded  into  our new Blade Servers. Other software to follow ASAP.

All NARRI stuff (four 1U servers) being transferred to high security Blade Servers provided by ISP.

May take a few days to transfer from HDs or load replacement software.


I will provide end of day reports. 


Back to work.



Kent W7AOR


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