Re: Updating additional frequencies on IRLP Website

Dave Schultheis

Klaus KR wrote:

I am trying to update a nodes extra frequencies remotely but am having
great difficulty completing the task. Can someone tell me the proper
syntax for 5 mhz + offset as everything I have tried so far does not
seem to take. Every time I save the setting the page says that it sent
the info, does not come back with an error but will not update the field.

I have updated the Call, Freq, and Pl tone but the rest I cannot get to

For the offset, I seem to recall that you must enter four zeroes after the decimal point. For a plus offset, you just enter 5000.0000 while for a minus offset you would enter -5000.000

I think.


Dave Schultheis
WB6KHP San Jose

IRLP 3246

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