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Dave K9DC

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Just wondering if you can expect a wire tethered Android phone to work with the Cradlepoint USB port?
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You would need to check the Cradlepoint device compatibility list to see if it is possible. Then your cell plan to see if it is covered.

You would still have to overcome the lack of a public IP address and/or the cellco firewall blocking IRLP incoming traffic (depends on your carrier). You could probably get around that with a VPN connection, for another monthly fee, assuming your cell connection was very solid and did not change IPs on you every few hours.

But why would anyone want to tie up a perfectly good cell phone 24/7 to operate an IRLP node? Remember, once you install IRLP, it is supposed to be left running. Yes, you can turn it off for short periods of time, but IRLP was intended to be left running continuously, just like your local repeater. It was not meant to turn it on intermittently, then shut off when you are not using it.

My main point was, it makes no sense to even try this maneuver using any tethered phone and hack it, when you can buy a modem for cheap, and use the router the way it was intended. Most routers even provide cabled ethernet out.


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