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Jim MacKenzie

I actually have no doubt the cellular networks will get hammered and data access will largely not work for awhile.  There will be thousands of people on each site posting their videos of the eclipse, and the sites just can’t take it.


If people would stick to low-bandwidth data use, texting and phone calls, all would probably be well.  But they won’t.


I’d be happy to be wrong about this J




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Hopefully it won't be as the news mongers have predicted.  They were wringing their hands claiming that the Internet will crash, and cellphone service will be "spotty" because of all the people live streaming the event.

If that does happen, that's sure a case for the fragile nature of the Internet.

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I will have my nanonode in Idaho Falls (4041 – VE5EIS/W7).  Not sure how reliable the Internet will be that day, but I’d dial up a reflector if we had one running.




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