Re: restoring node 7076 with backup file

Butch Bussen

o.k., you've convinced me. This is kind of a spare node anyhow and I
might as well learn something new. Once I get debian installed on the
hd, I can make a clone of that drive before I actually install irlp, as
I have several hp 7700s, so should be the same, and I wouldn't need
sighted help from that point when I need or decide to upgrade my other
nodes. I assume once I get things up and running, it won't be difficult
to get pine or alpine running? Another question, do I still have the
option to use my backup file to restore my custom stuff?

Lastly, I went to this page,
I see an archives link, but don't see a download iso for debian. If I
understand you right, this is what I should use?

Thanks again.
nodes 3028, 3148, and 7076

On Sat, 16 Dec
2017, Dave Gingrich Dave@... [irlp] wrote:

See the instructions

The restore from a backup procedure should work with any version of the OS regardless of the version the backup is from. There is no guarantee that FC3 will run on your “little newer” computer. Personally, I would recommend you upgrade the OS since your node is dead anyway. The process is the same and you will end up with a fully supported node.

One thing to note is that if the installer detects Debian, it will offer the option for a “Clean” re-installation. This means it will pull your node number information, including the PGP keys, but everything else will be completely new, rather than restoring your old environment file and custom directory. You will have to manually re-install any custom features you had running. But There are many features that have been added to IRLP in the last 10 years or so, since FC3 has been obsolete.

Any or all of those options are available to you. If something does not work quite right, just try something else.


On Dec 16, 2017, at 16:20, Butch Bussen butchb@... [irlp] <irlp@...> wrote:

The hard drive in my node 7076 died. I don't have an image of the drive,
but to have the backup.gtz file on a windows machine. This was running
fedora 3 which I have on my other nodes and works well. I thought I'd use
the same computer and just replace the hard drive. I could use a
different and a little newer computer, I think hp 7700, but I know the on
board sound on this Dell works fine. Can I still use fc3? If so, will
your current reinstall script work? It has been a while since I've done
this stuff. I do it on a windows machine with a voice synthesizer and
will need sighted help to get original operating system up and running.
Once the machine is seen on my network, I should be able to do things
using a terminal program and winscp. As mentioned above, this is an
ancient Dell which had been working fine until the drive died and I was
wondering if your latest operating system would work on the old machine.

As always, thanks much for your help, and I hope this makes sense.
Butch WA0VJR, nodes 3148, 3028, and 7076

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