Re: restoring node 7076 with backup file

Butch Bussen

I'm hoping the e-mail won't be that much of a problem. If I can get
alpine up and running, I think it can access my local folders as I do on
my fc3 box. I just create an .mail folder in the user folder and pine
knows to go there when I tell it to go to folder. I then use irlp to
copy all of those folders, saved messages and so forth to the .mail
folder. As I said, I just want it for stuff I have saved. Text based
works very well and the irlp box doesn't talk or anything, I just log in
using a terminal program on my windows box. If not doable, I'll have to
keep my original node running with pine and fc3. The problem I have of
course, is nothing in the install talks, and I can't do anything with
the irlp box until I can access it with my windows machine on the
network. We'll see how it goes. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope
I can get it back running and then hope I can get alpine running enough
to access my saved mail.

As far as local help, there is none, and I mean none. If someone was
willing, could a person log in remotely as root and install the mail
program? That is what was done on my original node when I upgraded from
redhat 9, which oddly enough included pine, and fc3 did not.

If I didn't say it before, merry Christmas to you all.
Butch Bussen

WA0VJR node 3148, 3028, and a dead 7076
On Sun, 17
Dec 2017, Dave Gingrich [irlp] wrote:

IRLP_CD_11.04.iso is the correct one.

I am afraid that the local email on your node is going to tangle you up. No provision for migrating anything but IRLP itself is part of the backup and restore process. I am sure it can be done. But it requires fairly significant Redhat and Debian Linux administrator skills to migrate a local mail store, that are not easily conveyed over email. If maintaining that email is critical, some other arrangements will have to be made.

This is well beyond the scope of IRLP and gets into the area of general Linux use. In fact when DaveC built the IRLP distribution, he went to great lengths to remove all the general stuff beyond the bare minimum to operate IRLP.

Installing alpine (GPL’d version of Pine) should be very straight forward on Debian. Something like ‘apt-get install alpine’ should do the trick. The dependency errors you got from FC3 were because the OS has been obsolete for many years.

Alpine is a very talented and capable text based email client for Linux. But it takes the irlp node into a place that was never recommended for IRLP nodes to go. Linux of course, can perform the task admirably and probably works very nicely for your use case, accessing using SSH and a screen reader in Windows. I would bet that it works better for you than any GUI based email program since you cannot see the screen. I am not sure how to advise you at this point, except I think you are going to need to find some local, hands on help.


On Dec 17, 2017, at 16:00, Butch Bussen [irlp] <> wrote:

I don't have echo link, so that saves me some head ache. I am
downloading this one.
Download IRLP_CD_11.04.iso
Says recommended for new instalation. Is this the right one?
Will try it on hp 7700, think these machines are ten years old or a bit
more. Any idea if on board sound is likely to work, or do I need
different sound card?

As far as the mail, I have those folders saved on my windows box
and still on a working node. I create a user butchb and since I'm not
doing incoming or outgoing mail, I tell pine to go to these folders
which are in the .mail of each user. All I have to do, and may need
help, is to get the program installed on debian. When I tried it on one
of my other fc3 boxes, it barked at me about dependancies and I didn't
know where to go from there. Fortunately, pine is still working on my
original node.

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