Re: TImeout on non transmit

Dave K9DC

Inactivity timeout is a standard feature on all IRLP nodes. The default value are 1200 (20 minutes) during reflector connections, and 240 (4 minutes) during node to node calls. Both values can easily be modified.

There is no GUI supported on any IRLP node. There is nothing you can do to an IRLP node that is aided or made more convenient with a GUI. Access is normally provided by using a very lightweight SSH client and tools installed locally on the node. There are couple of web based utilities that some folks have found useful, but they are optional and not included in a standard installation.


On Dec 18, 2017, at 11:57, Michael Champion [irlp] <> wrote:

I need to timeout reflector connections after period of local inactivity. I have looked at timercontrol but I don’t see how to set it up. I finally got the gui to load after hacking together a config but its blank. I’m not sure what password or port to give it.


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