Re: Update info page - broken?

David Cameron - IRLP

Sorry, I was away from town in an area and the only thing I had was a very overloaded internet connection via satellite. It would not allow me to even sync my inbox.

If you get a blank page, it is detecting some "shell escapes" or "SQL Injection" type strings in your data. This is not uncommon with the status page, and it is put there because it is constantly hammered by machines trying to hack the server/database.

You would have to recreate the situation when I am by the log files on the server, sending me the IP address you are sending the requests from.

David Cameron

On 31/05/2018 4:50 PM, Jim MacKenzie wrote:

I'm not able to update node information right now.  (I have a nanonode and I usually change the location to where I am, so that people can tell.)

I'm presented with the node/password login (I have my node on cellular but use the hotel WiFi for my laptop), and the login works.  However, going to any actual page to modify my configuration will result in a blank white screen.

This is with either Google Chrome or Firefox.  (My versions should be current.  I update regularly.)

This happened last week too but finally it worked.  I figured the problem was fixed but it's back (or it's intermittent).

Can someone advise?

Nodes 4041 (the one in question) and 1232

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