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Butch Bussen

I also wonder what kind of controller. There is a local repeater that has a similar thing, and irlp isn't involved. When I let up on the ptt, I can hear last bit of my audio in my receiver. I asked the owner what kind of controller and he said he didn't know, a friend had builtit for him. I suspect a digital something and a little delay in the processing is why I always hear myself coming back. Just a thought.
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On Tue, 25 Sep 2018, Teton Amateur Radio Repeater Association (TARRA) wrote:

I am using a repeater to connect to the irlp
It may be helpful to explain a little better how you are connecting your IRLP node. Are you connecting directly to a repeater controller (which controller)? Or are you using a receiver on the repeater frequency?

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Subject: [IRLP] Repeater ping ponging

I am using a repeater to connect to the irlp and my users say they
hear the
last few seconds of their conversation repeated back to them. It
looks like
the irlp picks up the transmitted side as soon as it stop the ptt. Is
any way to tell the irlp to wait a few seconds after operating the ptt
before detected the cos?

Thank you,

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