Re: Trouble connecting to experimental reflectors (yes I set export ALLOW_EXPERIMENTAL_NODES=YES in environment)

Bob Dengler

At 12/5/2018 08:53 PM, you wrote:
Two more thoughts.
1. After changing anything in the /home/irlp/custom/environment file,
be sure to reboot the node or run /home/irlp/custom/rc.irlp
so the changes take effect.

As I mentioned previously, this was changed many years ago so I'm certain the node has been rebooted many times with this change in place.  However, it has never worked.  I haven't pursued the issue until now because up to this point I had no pressing need to connect to an experimental reflector.

2. It's also possible you are just having a DTMF issue.
You can test this by running the readinput program
as user "repeater".
Then key a radio and press some DTMF keys.
You should see COS ACTIVE when the radio is keyed
as well as any DTMF presses that are decoded followed by
COS INACTIVE when the transmitter un-keys.
Be sure the DTMF 0 is decoded reliably.
Typing a <Ctrl-C> will exit the readinput program
and bring you back to a $ prompt.

DTMF is decoding fine, but still not able to connect.

Bob NO6B

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