Re: Trouble connecting to experimental reflectors (yes I set export ALLOW_EXPERIMENTAL_NODES=YES in environment)

Bob Dengler

At 12/5/2018 11:14 PM, you wrote:
IRLP wants to make sure you are using the latest version of released software, so this automatic replacement is normal.
There is a way around this, but if the code were bad, it would be bad for everyone so I don't think it's your problem.
Do you think there is any chance the environment file was ever edited with WIN SCP or some other non-Linux editor?
If so, then it's possible the Windows end-of-line sequence (CR-LF) made it into the environment file.
This is different than the Linux (Newline) which is actually just a single LF and you can't always see it.

Doubt that's the problem, as it should affect other settings as well.  But I'll check it with a binary viewer.

Another question. Can you look at the IRLP messages file to tell us what the exact error messages are?
Imediatly after an experimental node connect attempt (and failure), try typing:
tail /home/irlp/log/messages
and show us the output.
That should tell us more precisely what is happening.

Dec 05 2018 22:48:14 -0800 decode: DTMF = 80070
Dec 05 2018 22:48:15 -0800 custom_decode: Received DTMF = "80070"
Dec 05 2018 22:48:15 -0800 custom_decode: Stripped/Translated DTMF = "80070"
Dec 05 2018 22:48:15 -0800 IRLP call initiated to stn0070
Dec 05 2018 22:48:16 -0800 noexist

Looks like the problem is the call to stn0070 instead of exp0070.

Maybe I need to make that decode script read-only so it doesn't get overwritten?

Bob NO6B

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