Re: Trouble connecting to experimental reflectors (yes I set export ALLOW_EXPERIMENTAL_NODES=YES in environment)


That case addition to your existing script looks good to me! :) 

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At 12/6/2018 12:12 AM, you wrote:
I have a custom_decode file as well.
It does several things, but that's not where the experimental-node vs station decision is made.

Actually I think it is, as there is a section near the bottom that differentiates between reflectors & nodes:

      # Decode Node Connections
      # Whenever a connect command completes successfully,
      # the processing is terminated; otherwise, the command
      # is further processed for forwarding to the remote
      # node (if connected).
      case ${CMD} in                        # Process the COMMAND
        9*)                                  # Connect to reflector
          $ECHO "Connecting to reflector."
          if ${SCRIPT}/connect_to_reflector ref${CMD} ; then
            exit 1
        *)                                   # Connect to node
          $ECHO "Connecting to node."
          if ${SCRIPT}/call stn${CMD} ; then
            exit 1

I'm not good at bash, but it seems to me that this code would use 'call' to call experimental nodes when in fact 'experimental_call' needs to be used.

I think the answer is to insert the following case above the '*' case:

        0*)                             # Connect to experimental node

          $ECHO "Connecting to experimental node."
          if ${SCRIPT}/experimental_call exp${CMD} ; then
            exit 1

I'm not in a position to test it right now but will let you know when I do.


Bob NO6B

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