Re: Trouble connecting to experimental reflectors (yes I set export ALLOW_EXPERIMENTAL_NODES=YES in environment)

Bob Dengler

At 12/5/2018 11:14 PM, you wrote:

Do you think there is any chance the environment file was ever edited with WIN SCP or some other non-Linux editor?
If so, then it's possible the Windows end-of-line sequence (CR-LF) made it into the environment file.
This is different than the Linux (Newline) which is actually just a single LF and you can't always see it.
This has caused strange problems for folks, but is fairly rare.
For this reason I usually try to edit node files directly on the target system using pico but I also use win32pad, which auto-detects the Unix LF-only text format & preserves it when editing.

Bob NO6B

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