Re: update db info issue

Jim MacKenzie

Having used a VPN for my nanonode quite extensively, I can vouch for this. The VPN connections are very delicate. I have had significant difficulty getting the VPN connection working at times. At other times, the node is rock-solid with a VPN and can run for days. I suspect the issue is when cellular connectivity (which is where I use my VPN) is a bit intermittent. I don't think IRLP and the VPN always get along together after the connection resumes. (This is backed up by the fact that the VPN connection consistently fails when my hotspot changes networks.) Fortunately, rebooting the node usually works.

I have partially solved the problem by getting a public IP address on my Canadian cellular data hotspot. Now, everything just works. I still have a T-Mobile hotspot for use in the US, but my Canadian plan includes US roaming so I intend to experiment with it on an upcoming US trip.


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Yes, I agree completely. But I have heard from folks that have had a dickens of time getting their nano nodes to come back on line after they have fiddled around with the VPN after it was working previously. Of course I am never there to watch, and suspect the order of events, restarting interfaces and so forth was out of whack.

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