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Jim MacKenzie

On 2019-05-28 10:56 a.m., va7wpt@... wrote:
I travel frequently and don't always have IRLP nodes within range so I was wondering about getting/making a portable node for travel.
There's no problem with it.  You just want to make sure the node is never down for more than a few weeks.  I hook up mine at home when I'm not traveling with it.

The big issue is that IRLP nodes want private IP addresses and want certain ports forwarded to them, if they're not.  That's impossible with most cellular connections and with hotel WiFi unless you use a VPN.  VPNs are pretty delicate and don't always work very reliably, but when they work, they are perfectly practical.

Some mobile network providers will give you a public IP address (usually for an extra fee).  I am now doing this instead of using a VPN.  I find that my Canadian mobile network (SaskTel) roaming on AT&T in the US works better for some reason than native T-Mobile service on a VPN.  I can't explain why (except perhaps T-Mobile is oversubscribed, and AT&T isn't?).  But it's been working for me this week (/W0, /W5 and now /W4).

Jim VE5EV/W4

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