Re: StrongVPN config instructions for IRLP

Jim MacKenzie

Dave and Dave (VE7LTD and K9DC),

Since you have both gotten IRLP working with your own VPN connection, would
you be willing to share your configuration? I have quite a lot of
experience with OpenVPN (in fact, I use it to route a subnet of AMPRnet, the
amateur radio IP address allocation at, to my network at home).
But I've never been able to get a VPN connection working for IRLP. (I have
a private IP address on my mobile hotspot but I use a VPN via other
connections when I'm out of the country.)

Of course, please remove key files and such - I just want to see how exactly
you are doing it, so that I can replicate it. I should be able to use a
44net IP address to do the same thing.

If you'd rather not post it publicly, I don't mind if you send it to me

Thanks in advance.

IRLP 1232 / 4041

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