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Butch Bussen

If my manual translated to texxt right, it says an mc 52 touch tone microphoneis what you need if you can find one. I have one of those, and it also has 4 definable function keys which is nice. I really like my 2000, don't use it much these days except on two, but it hs got to be one of the ugliest radios I've owned. <smile>

Good luck and enjoy irlp.
Node 3148
Wallace, ks.

On Tue, 25 Jun 2019, kd7eni wrote:

Yes I know about the DTMF memories.  When I know what I'm doing, I'll
program them for the more common ones.  It was easier for me to store
the codes in files and send them out on my laptop speaker.  But once I
have a few fixed ones, that'll work.

I used to have the code I wrote to save and restore the memory for the
TS-2000.  But the laptop is dying and I don't know if I'll be able to
retrieve it, or if it's already lost.  I used a highly modified version
of hamlib, but that was a decade ago.  The author of hamlib couldn't
understand why I needed so many many options that he was unwilling to
add, so I just branched the code and added them.  I uploaded it to
Sourceforge.   I just got my internet back in Feb after 5 years (no
money).  We'll see if it is still there.  It is wonderful to use and
control  the TS-2000 with.  Then you can edit all your frequencies in
the files and then store them in the rig.  (I can find my paper copy,
but I just downloaded a copy.  Hopefully it is the same as mine.  I have
a somewhat earlier copy of the TS-2000.

I'm assuming you have one?  Do you like it?  It is the only one I've
owned, except for a mobile that died and two HT's.  I really, really
like mine, but haven't anything else to compare to.

Thanks and 73.

Dale Edmons/KD7ENI

On 6/25/19 6:43 AM, Clif Holland wrote:
I would suggest you read the owners manual for the TS2000. It has an
internal tone generator and memory channels that will store up to 16
tones each. It's on page 75 in my copy.
Clif Holland KA5IPF

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