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Jim MacKenzie

Dave, what about in-place OS upgrades to buster (Debian 10)?


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I have done some pretty extensive testing myself and with others, and I think after the weekend a new version of get-irlp-files and the Debian
10 ISO will be released to the mirror. Feel free to play around with the beta at

There is still an ongoing issue with the "PC based" IRLPvCON causing the computer to hang if more than one instance of IRLPvCON or IRLPvMON is running. This is coming down to something in the kernel that will not let too many things try to access the parallel port. I am not sure where the answer will lie, but I have finally seen the blocking messages come up. This is not an issue with the Pi based one. Contrary to my last thought that apache was doing this, it seems that when it hangs if you kill and restart the DTMF (IRLP) process, the bottleneck unjams.
Sometimes you have to kill the irlpvcon_get or irlpvmon_get - it depends on which one was making a call when things hung up.

It may be as easy as recompiling all the binaries that call the parallel port for the version of linux being run - These are things I plan to test.

But without IRLPvCON running, the IRLP system works as expected.

Dave Cameron

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