Re: Irlp Custom connect wav files


That is correct. Most node numbers in .US have been used before, so there is a very good chance you may end up with someone else's old files even if you get a new number assignment. That is why the After-Install instructions call for everyone to make up a new set of files for their own node.


On Oct 10, 2019, at 04:19, larry_n7fm <larry@...> wrote:

Thanks Dale,

You are correct. Just not what the new owner wants but may have to live with. Either that or do a rebuild with a new node number.

Make me curious how they dealt with the reclaimed node numbers that had custom connect files that propagated previously. Maybe some fellow in Canada was issued a reclaimed node number that has a stnxxxx file that propagated saying he lives in Miami and he doesn't know it.

Larry - N7FM

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