Re: Interesting Node Problem


Was it running on a VPN previously? When it was last heard from, it was coming from which is a Verizon Wireless IP. Probably a static assignment.

If you can connect anywhere (whether it works or not) your SD card is fine, obviously the node is working, or it would not respond to dtmf. Does it show up as an active client in your router? I assume you can normally access your router.


On Oct 10, 2019, at 13:31, Teton Amateur Radio Repeater Association (TARRA) <tarra@...> wrote:

Hello Group,

I tried to SSH into my node this morning and couldn't. Looking at the status page listing it shows that it is up and running and has been running. When I reload the status page it shows a time update. I can log into the remote modem so it would appear that I have an internet connection. I can also connect to the test reflector, but no audio from a test, but I do have the connect and disconnect messages. Finally, I did a reboot of the node and it rebooted. After the reboot, the same situation. I'm guessing that with it being a Pi node, it is probably a corrupted SD card. Any thoughts other than get away from the Pi? I do not have access to the site, so I can't get there.

Thinking about the above situation and lately working with a VPN/VPS, it has me wondering if some of the computer load and operations could be moved to a VPS? Lighten the load on the local computer as well as my (cellular) internet connection. Just wondering . . .

Mick - W7CAT
Node 3464

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