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David Cameron - IRLP


The key has to be removed for the audio files to be removed. So in the case of a "recycled node number", as long as the key is removed for at least 24 hours, so will the audio files. Have a look at the repeater user crontab and the script clean_audio_files on your node.

The issue in your case is you sold the node with a node number, so the key was never removed, so the script has no way of knowing to remove your audio files.

If it makes it easier, there is a lesser-known script to record the audio files right on the node itself:

This uses the radio to record the audio files, and performs all the conversions and such without having to deal with the files themselves.

David Cameron

On 2019-10-09 22:28, larry_n7fm wrote:
I recently sold one of my IRLP nodes.
Sadly when I was new to IRLP years ago. I didn't realize that creating
a custom connect wav file would become a problem.
I was foolish enough to created a custom connect wav file which
included my callsign not realizing once it was activated there was no
option to stop or revert back to normal.
Bet most everyone reading this is already thinking "Dummy" and can
visualize my problem.
Yup ... when the new owner I sold the node to.connects ... it
announces/identifies on the other end with my callsign.
I do realize creating a new custom file will replace my problem file.
However the new owner would like the node to revert to original
connect messages.
Which it can't as long as a stnxxxx wave file exists.
Has anyone come up with a way to reverse or stop the custom
stn(node_number) from spreading to other newly connected nodes?
Is it possible for IRLP support to delete custom stnxxxx wav files if
Once deleted from the IRLP server it would stop any FURTHER
propagation of that particular custom connect file.
Suggestions or solution? New install with a New number isn't something
he wants or is able to do.
What would really be nice ... is a script mod with an option flag "IF
EXIST delete" when checking for a new stnxxxx files for those of us
who want to revert back.
Larry - N7FM

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