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David Cameron - IRLP

IF you are not getting a log in prompt, something in the /home/irlp/custom/rc.irlp or /etc/rc.local script is not "exiting".

I know in the past, people have added things to this script to start at boot, but added them in a way that if unsuccessful, they do not properly exit.

It could be Echolink, as that is what usually starts right after IRLP.

Dave Cameron

On 2019-10-13 5:06 p.m., Teton Amateur Radio Repeater Association (TARRA) wrote:
Hello Dave,
It just goes to the Node Enabled message and then won't let me do anything else. Now I have found that I can SSH into it. Trying to figure out the IP address places that I need to change.
Mick - W7CAT
Node 3464
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> You shouldn’t need to stop anything. Just login on the local console
as root, and go from there. Nothing trying to start at boot will prevent you from logging in.
> -k9dc
> > On Oct 13, 2019, at 17:00, Teton Amateur Radio Repeater Association
(TARRA) wrote:
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> > Hello,
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> > Trying to setup a different node since my other node has stopped
working. Right now I don't have a network setup and running in the node setup. The node boots all the way up to the point of "Node Enabled . . ." and they just stays there. How do I either stop it during the boot process or get out of it when it finishes so I can work on the network settings???
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> > Mick - W7CAT
> > Node 3464
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