Re: Node 7490 not connecting to reflectors

Dave K9DC

Stay with me Keith, this is kind of long.

One of the characteristics of a working IRLP node is you can telnet to the the authentication port (15425) from the outside. If the node is idle, it will connect, identify itself by node number (actually the PGP UserID) and display the foreign IP that is connecting. (we use this characteristic as a quick test of port forwarding on a remote site). For example, if I telnet to port 15425 on one of mine, I get the following response…

repeater@tigger:~$ telnet 15425
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
stn4730 - k9ip : Welcome

I connected to node number stn4730 at IP (public IP of 4730), from the IP, which is the Public IP of my home network. All good.

But when I connect to 7490 which is at, I get a totally bogus IP address returned. Further the address it returns ( is always the same. Regardless of where I come from, your node always thinks I am coming from This is impossible, because is a private address and not routed over the public Internet.

repeater@tigger:~$ telnet 15425
Trying… <— current IP of stn7490 (wrong if you have a VPN running)
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
stn7490 - ai6bx : Welcome <— not MY address and is always the same

Further, the IP address currently used by stn7490 is But isn't stn7490 supposed to be using an IRLP VPN address? You should be on an address of 44.48.26.something. You just sent us a ticket advising us that IRLP VPN was working great for you on 7490. Yet looking through the logs on the VPN hub, you have never connected, not even once.

So I have a couple of questions:
1. Do you have multiple routers between your node and the public Internet? Please describe your ISP connection and how you are delivering Internet to your node;
2. Where did you place the IRLP VPN configuration file we sent you? As far as I can tell, you have never had a VPN up and running. Yet you told us it was working great;
3. What IP address is returned when, from the node command line, you issue the command ‘telnet 10000’

-puzzled at the help desk.

Dave K9DC, IRLP Installation Team

On Nov 5, 2019, at 01:06, ai6bx <

7490, an embedded rack Lund node with sad, has been working flawlessly for several years now. It has programming files issuing commands to link and drop links with various reflectors during the course of the day and until early Sunday, all has worked great. I noticed last night that the node showed connected to 9667 however signal was not passing. I also noticed that it did not show up on the reflector page and when looking at active nodes at, it shows as idle.

I disconnected the node and then issued commands to establish the link again with the same results. Using, the node panel comes up. I rebooted the node with no changes. The node has been cycling it’s programmed changes today and continues to show an established link. Any ideas?

thank you,


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