Re: Node 7490 not connecting to reflectors

ai6bx <ai6bx@...>

On Tue, Nov 5, 2019 at 04:23 AM, k9dc wrote:
Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. 7490 is not operating with a VPN so is the appropriate public IP. My other node number 7482 is working through the AMPR VPN IP at his time.

Yes, I do have a router between my Internet connection and the node, a configuration that has been in place for the better part of three years. I have a Netgear router for my home internet with an ARDEN gateway node carrying signal to my repeater site. The Netgear has a DMZ set for the IP of the AREDN gateway and the AREDN node has all the appropriate port forwards built into it to direct two way traffic to the repeater site supporting the IRLP/Echolink node, DMR repeater, remote control for other repeaters, Winlink server, mapping services, and a few other pieces. I think I may know what is happening as I have watched and seen the IRLP come and go today. I note that another AREDN gateway has been opened up on the network with near equal link quality as the path I am using to my QTH. the TCP port forwards are following the path back to my QTH and I suspect the UDP ports going back to the Internet may be taking the alternate path as it is presenting as the most efficient path for exit traffic. Does this make sense as the possible culprit? I think it does as the telnet 10000 yields IP which is the alternate gateway path I referenced. It may be time to make some hard code changes in my OLSR tables in the AREDN node to force the return path or get the second gateway shut down.



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