Re: Node 7490 not connecting to reflectors


Keith et al,

You didn't answer Dave's 3rd question
What IP address is returned when, from the node command line, you issue the command ‘telnet 10000'

A telnet query to your 7490 node tells me
C:\Windows\System32>telnet 15425
Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 15425: Connect failed

Earlier this arvo, I got this IP from my irlp Hosts file -
A ping test timed out

I updated my host file and node 7490 IP address changed to
Another ping test and tracert to that IP proved positive.

I would suggest you run the troubleshoot-irlp test from the console
after you have disconnected from the reflector.

73 John @ 6163
(currently off air due to technical issue)

On 5/11/2019 4:06:43 PM, ai6bx ( wrote:
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7490, an embedded rack mount node with SSD, has been working flawlessly for several years now. It has programming files issuing commands to link and drop links with various reflectors during the course of the day and until early Sunday, all has worked great. I noticed last night that the node showed connected to 9667 however signal was not passing. I also noticed that it did not show up on the reflector page and when looking at active nodes at, it shows as idle.
I disconnected the node and then issued commands to establish the link again with the same results. Using, the node panel comes up. I rebooted the node with no changes. The node has been cycling it’s programmed changes today and continues to show an established link. Any ideas?
thank you,

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