Re: node early timeout-15min

Nosey Nick VA3NNW

Milt Duquette via Groups.Io wrote:
Which folder is the log file in?
EVERYTHING you're likely to need [*] is under ~repeater which is
probably equal to /home/irlp/ - if you are logged in as "repeater" it's
your default home directory, you're probably already in it.
[* yeah OK, apart from the technicality of "needing Linux", and ignoring
EchoLink for now]

In ~repeater is a really obvious "log" directory

In there is a "messages" file with the current log, and a bunch of
"messages.1" .2 .3 older logs of various different ages, probably 1 a
month for the last 5 months if you're running the default setup.


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