Re: irlp and echolink mutually exclusive?

Craig, KM6LYW <craig@...>

GREAT info - thank you Dave!

I'll see if I can replicate the "kickoff".. just to be sure, since that's not the design behavior obviously.

Maybe un-register ourselves from irlp if the club officers want just echolink -- short term.  I couldn't
find an process to un-register, yet.   and firewalling mynetd seems kinda brutish.


On 11/8/19 3:03 PM, k9dc wrote:
Echolink and IRLP ARE mutually exclusive in EchoIRLP, but neither one kicks anyone off. If the node is on an Echolink call, it is busy to IRLP. Likewise if the node is on an IRLP call, it is busy to Echolink. But no one is bounced off.

EchoIRLP is a script that allows an IRLP node to make and receive calls from the Echolink network if it is idle. But it is on IRLP first and Echolink is a secondary function. It is also not software, so there is no support for it from the IRLP Team. But it usually works just fine.

You cannot disable IRLP and still have Echolink work. It uses the IRLP software entirely, and connects to a locally installed package that bridges the node into the EchoLink network. I suppose you could modify scripts to prevent the node from making IRLP calls, but would be quite painful. If you only want Echolink service, you should just perform a standard Echolink installation, using their software.


On Nov 8, 2019, at 17:18, Craig, KM6LYW <craig@...> wrote:

I just took over an echoirlp installation, and the community claims that echolink users are kicked off if an irlp user joins in some manner.

Is irlp and echolink mutually exclusive on echoirlp systems?

If so, is there a way to disable irlp and retain echolink? it seems they're inextricably linked through the bridge. Would it be sufficient
to "unregister" our node from irlp? if so, process for this?



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