Re: irlp and echolink mutually exclusive?


First of all, I am not an expert in EchoIRLP. But the way echolink calls works with EchoIRLP installed, is an incoming Echolink call first establishes a connection to the theBridge installed on your node. Thebridge then makes a call to localhost (same machine) IRLP. If IRLP is busy, IRLP will refuse the call and theBridge dumps the echolink portion of the call with a “node is connected to” message. It will not allow new calls to be established, if the node is already connected somewhere else. Thats all.

Echolink and IRLP calls ARE mutually exclusive, that is how the product is designed to work. But a new incoming call will not tear down a call that is already fully established.

One of the differences for Echolink users is that IRLP nodes do not support any form of conferencing or multiple connections. The standard echolink software simply conferences many folks together if multiple stations connect to the same node. IRLP OTOH, conferencing is part of the network in the form of reflectors. Regular Echolink users are not used to the concept of “busy”.

If you want to join together the second (or more) callers, you need to install the official issue Echolink package. IRLP and EchoIRLP simply does not do that. Never has, and probably never will.


On Nov 8, 2019, at 19:12, Craig, KM6LYW <craig@...> wrote:

okay, understood, i'll make that an option for the trustees.

Ideally i'll see to it that irlp and echolink don't bump people off as reported....



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