Re: Pi SD Card Full

Nosey Nick VA3NNW

"100% /" looks pretty full to me   :-(

I'm going to guess, from the numbers, this is probably about an 8GB SD card?

My entire pirlp system takes up about 1.5GB though, so something has
filled your space for sure, it's PLAUSIBLE you've been hacked but my
first guess would be a rogue / runaway logfile or something. My
favourite command in these circumstances:

sudo du -ax / | sort -nr | less

"sudo" will run as root (to be able to see ALL the files regardless of
permissions) "du" will tell you how much disk is used. "-a" means all
files+dirs, "-x" means "stay on this filesystem" (don't wander into the
/dev, /run, etc). "-ax" combines them. "/" is the root filesystem (the
one that's full) "| sort" takes the output of the above and feeds it to
the input of a sort. "-nr" is "numeric, reverse" (so bigger numbers
first). "| less" then means "gimme the results one page at a time".

... the upshot of which is, it should show you what the biggest files
and dirs are on your root filesystem. You'll still have to use manual
judgement about what might be safe to delete or uninstall, but it's a
good starting point. If you're not sure about what's safe to
delete/uninstall, copy and paste the first few screenfulls to me
(off-list) and I'll see if I can spot anything that looks "obviously wrong".

If "sudo" doesn't work, try logging in as root directly, and/or at least
running it as yourself, without the "sudo" and hope you can still see
most of the files/dirs:

du -ax / | sort -nr | less

Good luck!

Teton Amateur Radio Repeater Association (TARRA) wrote:

I was just trying to change the time for a cron today and when I tried
to save it, it kept saying the SD card was full. I can't imagine that
being the case. I even went through and deleted some things to free up
space and that didn't help. Here is what I found:

Filesystem     1K-blocks        Used          Available Use%      
Mounted on
rootfs           7425512          7201316         0                
                100% /
/dev/root    7425512          7201316         0                    
            100% /
devtmpfs       470416                        0        470416          
               0% /dev
tmpfs                94944                    276       94668      
                      1% /run
tmpfs                   5120                       0           5120  
                        0% /run/lock
tmpfs               189880                       0      189880      
                    0% /run/shm
/dev/mmcblk0p1  57288        31736        25552                     
    56% /boot

Any ideas? Has my node been hacked? Just wondering what to do.

Mick - W7CAT
Node 3464
"Nosey" Nick Waterman, VA3NNW/G7RZQ, K2 #5209.
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