Re: Xplornet


As long as you are not using your IRLP node AS your router, and IRLP VPN is installed on the IRLP node as directed, only IRLP traffic will be carried over IRLP VPN. So there is no problem sharing to connection as you described. In fact your situation is exactly on of the use cases where IRLP VPN is helpful. With IRLP VPN, no special routing or port forwarding is required at all.


On Nov 12, 2019, at 09:00, bobgau57 <bobgau@...> wrote:

the support was so good before xplornet took over, they couldn't seem to do enough for you, once the big money takes over the customer service is done for..but
just reading about the irlp vpn and noticed the bit about traffic through the vpn, all daily household internet would be through the same router the node is connected to.
would that be a problem?

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