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Jim MacKenzie

Some cellular/mobile networks will provide private IP addresses which obviate the need for VPNs.  I’ve done this with my SaskTel Mobility hotspot (they call their product M2M for “Machine to Machine”) which costs me a few additional dollars per month.  I know that Verizon in the US has a similar option but charges a several-hundred-dollar lifetime flat fee to have the service.


An option, if your cellular network provides it.  But you need to learn how to sell them on selling it to you.  SaskTel, e.g., does theirs through their commercial products division.  They were happy to sell it to me but it takes them awhile to understand that a residential customer knows what it is and actually wants and needs it.



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Xplornet was the reason I was without IRLP for several years. We switched to Telus cellular data. Much better but would still be the same issue with ports.... But now that I'm using VPN there are no issues with my node. Should work fine with xplornet and VPN.

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