Re: Pulse Question

Dave K9DC

Mick, you have run in to the classic pulseback. There is nothing you can do about it, you (actually the reflector) are the victim. Pulses are never detectable on the node that is causing them, except by using the pulsecheck command.

If you can attract the attention of the Reflector Admin, they have the tools to positively identify the problem. But there is a limit to the channels they can actually monitor. It is usually on one at best, and typically far less than one.


On Nov 13, 2019, at 20:46, Teton Amateur Radio Repeater Association (TARRA) <> wrote:

Okay, I have a pulse back question. We run our club net on Monday evenings at 8:00 on a reflector. Most of the time there is only one other node that is connected for the net. After every transmission the PTT drops and then comes right back up for a fraction of a second. I checked my node for pulsing and it reports back 150, which is what it was set at. I have tried to duplicate this activity with my node and repeaters connected to the reflector and can't make it happen. I may know the answer, but if another node connected to the reflector is pulsing, is that what I am going be seeing on my node? I know whenever there is anything wrong they are always happy to blame my node. Just wanting to make sure of things before I approach them with it.

Mick - W7CAT
Node 3464

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