Re: IRLP 5555 off the air for less than 1 month


  It could, and I need to look at the port forwarding.  I didn't think of that until now.  New residence, new network, etc.  So I'll check on that.  Thanks for jogging my memory.

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Should just fire up and work 

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Date: 11/16/19 9:04 PM (GMT-07:00)
Subject: [IRLP] IRLP 5555 off the air for less than 1 month

I've moved from Korea back to the US and Node 5555 has come with me.  It's been off the air and  network for less than 1 month.  I thought 1 months was the date for getting kicked off the network for good and having to reregister.  It's back online and I wonder what I need to do, to get it back on the IRLP network and usable again?
Dale Tongue

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