Re: Speaktime wavplay problem Debian Buster on PiRLP

David Cameron - IRLP

Well, when those scripts were made, if you typed

play 1.wav 2.wav 3.wav

The gap between 1 2 and 3 was in the order of two seconds, and it would vary based on processor load, etc. The solution was to convert the wav files to .au file (headerless, raw), concatenate them together, then convert back to a wav file for playing. Really not a big deal, and it worked well, UNTIL, the sox format changed to remove the -u flag for the WAV file format. So, what happened is anything that called sox with a -u flag was then broken.

With aplay, this is no longer required.

These scripts were not written my IRLP, and they are not maintained. If someone wants to write updated scripts to either remove sox, or fix the scripts that use sox, then this problem will go away. I fixed the scripts for the PiRLP and Embedded nodes, but they are very specific, and do not install well onto nodes that are not set up for them. The same error exists in EchoIRLP as well - use of sox with the -u or -s flags.

If you take your existing directories and look in the scripts for all use of "sox" with a -u or -s flag, and change them to -e unsigned-integer, they should work as they used to.

David Cameron

On 23/11/2019 2:38 p.m., Nosey Nick VA3NNW wrote:
Dave Parks - WB8ODF via Groups.Io wrote:

There is NO REASON to use sox in any of the IRLP scripts, I never understood why Dave C used it.... EVER
sox is a really good tool for converting between various audio formats. If .ul used to be an IRLP standard, but .wav was a later one, I can see why sox would be the obvious way to convert between them.

... or if .wav was always an IRLP standard, but the previous wavplayer left awkward gaps between samples, I can see why "convert them to raw/ul, join them together, convert them back, play as one file" might have seemed like a good idea at the time too.

Meh... See what Dave C suggests

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