Loss of Announcements - Nodes 4480, 4490 & 4677


This issue occurred this week or last week.  I have two IRLP nodes, is just IRLP and the other is an EchoIRLP node.

No modifications have been made and these nodes have been running for years and years headless unattended. 

What has happened is I no longer hear any voice messages/announcements.  However, the node that has EchoIRLP installed the voice announcements work normally ONLY when accessing Echolink connections.  Otherwise the node works normally passing traffic both ways but just no announcements.

Both are running CentOS 4.9 (final) from the IRLP installation CD.  No I can't not upgrade as the hardware does not support any newer version of IRLP OS.  I have numerous times with these SBC Mini-ITX VIA PC's.

No doubt this was caused by some audio update since it effected at least 3 of my nodes that have been on forever.

Has anyone else had this problem recently?  If so, has anyone got a fix?

Nodes: 4480, 4490, 4677, 4698, 4474, 4870

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