Re: Loss of Announcements - Nodes 4480, 4490 & 4677 & 8094


Yes, Debian 10 breaks many things. Standard IRLP (4-digits to dial and 73, only) works okay. But almost any other script that talks, will not work on Debian 10, including EchoIRLP. The team that developed and supported EchoIRLP seems to have mostly fallen apart or there is simply no interest in making it compatible going forward. I know DaveC has attempted to reach some of the folks that had been on top of the code in the past and told them what needs to be fixed for it to continue. But so far, only crickets in response.

My suggestion if you are upgrading to Debian 10, is to use the CLEAN re-installation option, then add in the special functions that you really want, troubleshooting and fixing things as you go along. Some functions (like EchoIRLP) are simply not going to work for most of us.

Of my roughly 150 local users, I only have one that uses EchoIRLP at all. It really wouldn’t bother me that much, if it just stopped working.


On Nov 27, 2019, at 07:41, bruce clements <> wrote:

I just did a upgrade to debian 10 and a reinstall and noticed no announcement and my talking clock didn't work.
I'm running a Echoirlp node and I was thinking I may have configuration typo.
Maybe I will wait and see if it's a system issue.

Bruce Ve3bv
Node 2226

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