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Nobody forced you to upgrade. There are nodes still running RedHat that work fine. You likely had to upgrade to use a new feature, like IRLP VPN. It can not be back ported, because OpenVPN will not work on older kernels. That is not an IRLP issue, that is an issue with OpenVPN.

You will need a system that is capable of running a new OS to run Allstar also. It will not run on the hardware you can't install Debian onto.

David Cameron

On 2019-11-27 16:05, Dave Parks - WB8ODF via Groups.Io wrote:
My older equipment is not liking the Debian, to many problems.
When you said software below (I think) Debian WHEEZY would no longer
be supported, I figured (like most OS companies) you could still use
it, you just can't get anyone to support it) so I tried to upgrade the
OS which didn't work. Then I find I can't use "get-irlp-files" any
more so I'm left with a NON working node that worked fine and dandy
before I tried the upgrade and 100% since 2009.
I've been off the air for a month or so now.
I HATE BEING *FORCED* to up grade!
I think it's time I upgrade to AllStar and leave the hassles of the
NEW IRLP behind.

< Dave Parks ><
Node: 8139
On Wednesday, November 27, 2019, 6:53:12 PM EST, David Cameron - IRLP
<dcameron@...> wrote:
Well the issue I run into is some of the nodes are running software so
old that the new versions of the same software don't even use the same
syntax. sox is a great example of this. Then I need to make the
recognize this, and that is where it starts to fall apart.
To be honest, if the node is running software that is no longer
maintained (which is anything older than Debian 8), it really is a
to the network that it is on, as they can likely be easily compromised
(or are already compromised) and can be used to sniff/snoop on traffic
on your network, or be used to launch attacks on other systems (Denial
of Service).
With the advent of Pi-based systems, there is not a real reason not to
upgrade to something newer. I imagine with the cost of electricity,
will recoup your up front cost in a matter of a year or two.
David Cameron
On 2019-11-27 10:11, Phil Zocco wrote:
" I updated the script this morning and was able to find a node old
enough to test on :)"
An old node?! You western Canadians have a warped sense of
The script worked.
Thanks....I think.
Phil N1BOW
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Try a reboot again, OR, log in as repeater and run
/home/irlp/scripts/update files
I updated the script this morning and was able to find a node old
to test on :)
Dave Cameron
On 2019-11-27 9:19 a.m., Phil Zocco wrote:
For some strange reason this morning, any of the WAV files that
personally recorded are all coming out with loud distorted audio.
These files announce control functions and various other customized
BUT...any of the original WAV files that Dave C included in the
package play back normally. Like when he says, "IRLP Node enabled",
it's sound just fine. Any announcements for a reflector are
If I play back my custom On-the Hour announcement with my voice, it
distorted. I checked the alsamixer and the controls are where they
normally are.
Any ideas? I have rebooted the node and still the same issues.
Thanks in advance.
Phil N1BOW
Node 5960
AMT MP 113.6
Niantic, CT USA Earth

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