Re: Loss of Announcements - Nodes 4480, 4490 & 4677


I'm interested here too, I have a friend who lost audio coming from the node (ex: IRLP node is enabled/disabled & connect/disconnect notices).

The node works he can connect/disconnect and audio works fine just not the IRLP audio.

His node is CentOS 4.9

>< Dave Parks ><

On Wednesday, November 27, 2019, 11:22:39 PM EST, Ken <ve5kc@...> wrote:

Node 1340 running an old Red Hat install.

Lost connect, disconnect and node status announcements last week. Other wise everything else it working normal,

I'm not into Linux so I passed the info on to our guy who runs things. He say all the tests on the node checked out OK. I left him to try to figure this out.

Another system with newer hardware and current Linux version are planed for the new year.

73..  Ken - VE5KC



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