Re: Can't login to Terminal

David Cameron - IRLP

There is nothing blocking commands. I am sure he is getting more than just the prompt back.

Can he take a picture of the screen and attach it? Are you sure he is actually logging in, and has the password correct? The node number appears in the login prompt also.

David Cameron

On 2019-11-29 11:37, Don DeGregori wrote:
I have a friend with the newest assembled PiRLP4 Node. He wants to
check ifconfig on the Terminal to find his local inet IP address. He
thinks the ports are not port forwarded properly.
I told him to reboot to get the login prompt. He does and sees login.
He types root. For password, he puts in his changed password. He sees
his node number within the prompt. I ask him to type ifconfig
(Return). He gets the prompt back. I said to try ls command. He gets
prompt back. I believe he is in the IRLP directory which doesn't
allow Linux commands?
I have an old old Red Hat legacy box which works fine. So I'm not sure
what the newest software has in it.
W6RWN 3146

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