Re: Loss of Announcements - Nodes 4480, 4490 & 4677

James Hall

Is there anything I need to do such as reboot? So far no change on 3024,3212.

created with care by Cold Duck

On Nov 29, 2019, at 12:32 PM, David Cameron - IRLP <dcameron@...> wrote:

I have made a new update to wavplay to cover the "old" style embedded nodes that run slackware.

The problem is now I am using an OS detection routine to determine (hopefully) which version of sox will properly create the audio files. The issue is the "joining of files" to make the audio congruent needs "sox", and the new version of sox do not use the same arguments as the old. Up until Debian 9, they would allow them and call them deprecated, but now on Debian 10 they throw an error with the latest version of sox.

Dave Cameron

On 2019-11-28 12:32, James Hall wrote:
Follow up on my last email. I had just arrived in Hawaii. I have since
tested this embedded node. It acts same way. Only connect/disconnect
announcements are gone for IRLP only. EchoLink announcements are ok.
Custom CW id on IRLP announcements works still. So that’s both my
nodes stopped working last Friday. I ran ... rc. Irlp and every thing
rebooted but same loss of connect/disconnect announcements.

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