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Dave K9DC


DaveC used to do that with early generations of his embedded node, years ago when flash was very expensive. But with improvements in high availability (reliable) flash, he no longer does that. If you equip the Pi with high reliable flash (or SSD) you should be fine. Look for SLC (single level cell) flash. It sometimes is called ”Industrial Grade” and is spec’d to operate down to -40º.

Any RAM beyond 512 MB, is completely wasted if you are only running IRLP on the computer. I would skip the 4GB, save a few $$ and buy high quality flash instead. Then you have reduced the need to create a run from RAM configuration and can stay with a straight up IRLP installation.

I am still not a big fan of the Raspberry Pi for locations where reliability is very important, such as repeater sites with difficult physical access. But the Pi4 is way better than earlier models and is actually pretty impressive from a pure performance perspective. Solid 5V power and cabling is very critical.


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Hello Group,

While I am thinking about updating my node software, I am also thinking of upgrading my hardware. With the new Raspberry Pi4 that has 4 gigs of ram, I am wondering . . . Without a whole lot of trouble, can it be set up to copy the whole IRLP program (and OS) to ram on start up and then just copy the files that have been changed back to the SD card before shut down? Probably a good idea to copy the log files to the SD card on a regular basis while it running just to keep from losing them. There may be some other files that need saved as well, but not sure which ones they would be. Just trying to move operations away from running on the SD card so much.

Mick - W7CAT
Node 3464

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