IRLP OS and USB Drive

Phil Zocco

Greetings, IRLPers.

I am in the process of updating node 5960 to a DN2800MT motherboard and an SSD. I was able to find a board complete with 4G of memory on ebay.

I have also been able to burn the ISO image Version 12.07 to a CD.

The only thing is in that clearing out my box of PC junk, I threw away my old CD-ROMs.

Then I noticed that the MB has no IDE port but it as a number of USB ports. And the MB has SATA ports so using a PNY 120G SSD should work.

My question is this: once I have burned the image to a CD, can I simply copy all of the files from the CD to a USB drive and use that to install the IRLP OS? IOW, will the USB drive be bootable?

Thanks in advance.


Phil N1BOW

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