Dual Wan Router

Bob Hess

I host two different Wireless ISP's on my towers at the house.  As a result, I have multiple WAN IP addresses and host three nodes here.

I recent got a Ubiquity dual-WAN router.  I have the Ubiquity router set up for load-sharing.  The other option is fail-over.  With load sharing, I have increased bandwidth and seamless redundancy.  With the understanding that I am not a networking guru, I have two questions:

1 - I can set up port-forwarding in the router for each WAN.  If I operate a node on the LAN, can I use the same port-forwarding criteria on each WAN to achieve redundancy should one WAN fail?

 - OR - 

2 - Can I operate two nodes on the LAN, assuming each node has a unique static IP, with the port-forwarding set up such that WAN A points to Node 1 and WAN B points to node 2?

Hope this makes sense.  Thanks in advance for any responses.


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