Re: New install

William Phillips

That pin varies between 3.26 to 3.29 when dtmf tone sent. I checked it on the pi as well as the irlp board it was the same on both ends.

On Dec 22, 2019, at 6:22 AM, Craig - K1BDX - Node 8724 <k1bdx.craig@...> wrote:

The first binary bit D0 seems to be stuck in the "asserted" condition.

I'm wondering if the wire between the pi and the irlp interface board is broken

According to Dave Cameron's diagram

D0 is pin number 7 or the Raspberry Pi header

monitor the voltage on that pin while you send tones and see if it
changes state properly

On 12/22/19, William Phillips <bphillips.nnh@...> wrote:
Well I tried a different raspberry 4 did an install all works except the
dtmf tones are incorrect and the same as before

Pressed : Seen
2:3 when released 1
3:3 when released 1
4:5 when released 1
5:5 when released 1
6:7 when released 1
7:7 when released 1
8:9 when released 1
9:9 when released 1


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