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This has just been covered. It is a holdover from using an OLD environment file on a new install.

When moving from an older setup to a new one, I highly suggest the "clean install" option as it puts in a new environment file and just copies the stationID and callsign.

You need to add, or make sure these two lines exist in the environment file:

As root, edit the environment file:

pico /home/irlp/custom/environment

The lines are:

export USE_APLAY="YES"
export USE_AOSS="YES"

This will fix your issue.

Dave Cameron


On 2019-12-22 2:07 p.m., ve7mmg@... wrote:
My IRLP computer finally gave up after some 10 years, it was running CentOS 5, I decided to go the Pi route.

Following the instructions all was going great and now I get an ERRORCODE 40, I am NOT a fluent Linux user, I manage to a certain point.

I ran the IRLP troubleshooting script and I passed all the steps except the EchoIRLP "That's OK as that part is not important for me at this time"

I was able to adjust the TX  level and it TX the NODE ID.

I am using a Pi 3 B+ and loaded the latest Raspbian Buster Lite and also using the recommended SYBA USB sound adapter.

Any help or direction is appreciated,

Mike NODE 1492

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