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Well, it won’t work until you fix TCP 15425. So something is amiss in your router. Are all ports outgoing allowed? Did DNS pass okay? DNS is required to update the status page, but your node has been gone for a long time.


On Jan 12, 2020, at 13:34, Charlie Wa2gug <wa2gug@...> wrote:


This is the only error I get :

Performing INBOUND UDP and TCP Port Forwarding Test
Detecting Incoming IP =
Testing TCP and UDP ports .. done.

TEST No. 2a REPORT - TCP ERROR - TCP port 15425 is NOT forwarded
Waiting 4 seconds .... done.
TEST No. 2b REPORT - UDP PASS - UDP ports 2074-2093 are forwarded correctly.
TEST No. 2c REPORT - EchoLink UDP ERROR - The following UDP port(s):
5198 5199 is/are not forwarded correctly.

Can't find any thing wrong in Fortigate router.

My node is 4827

On 1/12/2020 13:25, k9dc wrote:
On Jan 12, 2020, at 06:13, Charlie Wa2gug <wa2gug@...>

Guy's finally cleaning up the node. I noticed the node was not on the active list. I checked the resolv,conf. I do have 2 name servers in it. I'm using google,
Any ideas?
What is troubleshoot-irlp telling you? Also what is your node number?


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