Re: PGP Key ring key problem

David McGough

Dear Dave, K9DC,

I don't think I've previously talked with you. However, I have some comments. My e-mail box is full of messages from angry, innocent HamVoIP / IRLP users.

Intentionally pulling keys from any network with no notice WILL NOT fly in today's world. There is already established legal precedent in that regard, specifically in the ham radio world.
Think about the ramifications if your unannounced action had crippled IRLP nodes or networks during an emergency?

HamVoIP does not condone nor support any groups attempting to "harvest" IRLP nodes or keys. If some unscrupulous persons attempt to obtain keys, claiming they purchased hardware where they did not, we have no knowledge of nor condone those activities.  However, if this is all about purchasing something, there is a really simple solution: IRLP should just charge an acceptably large fee to obtain or transfer a key to a different call sign! This is a simple problem to solve!

I am hopeful that IRLP REFLECTOR owners who had ANY problems with known HamVoIP users will contact me directly (kb4fxc .at. I'd like to hear more details about who was causing problems and what kind of problems??  Was it not possible to simply block those individual IRLP nodes??

While I realize legacy policies may exist, I'm a bit baffled as to why cross-linking between networks is of any significance at the individual node level? The HamVoIP software DOES NOT by default provide an automatic gateway mechanism. Bridges between networks can only be established or allowed by the node owner / control-op.  Easily enough, this similarly could be done with stock IRLP hardware.

Having been a ham for almost 40 years, I firmly believe in keeping the RADIO in ham radio. However, we ALL need to realize that this year is 2020. It is not the world of 2000. Nor the world of 1980.  Laws regarding ham radio have changed and been relaxed globally. We all must focus on the future, evolving as changes happen, otherwise we'll end up simply as pages of history.

73, David KB4FXC

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