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Jim MacKenzie

WiFi is pretty delicate, too.  Any chance you could run an Ethernet cable there?  It might solve a lot of your problems and give you a lot more consistent connectivity.



On 2020-01-18 3:47 p.m., bruce clements wrote:
Using a Neoware thin client CA 10.
Has had the same issue on Centos ,D7 and D10.
On D 10 at this time.

I was going to possibly replace the dongle , there pretty cheap.


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Hello Bruce, just wondering what computer system and OS version you are using. Working on a WatchDog here so when I loose internet it will reboot my computer. It may also be able to just restart the network.

Mick - W7CAT
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> Hi folks.
> My internet here is a 5 X 1 Broadband in the 5 gig band. Due to various Mother Nature effects we can loose the internet. It can be signal loss between my panel to the tower or backhaul link failure on providers microwave to their fiber POP.
> Every device reconnects when the fault clears except the irlp node. This condition has always been an issue , even after 3 levels of upgrades.
> Is the problem
> 1. The wifi dongle hardware or driver
> 2. Setting in router
> 3. Config issue in software.
> Bruce
> Ve3bv
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