Re: IRLP DTMF Failure

David Cameron - IRLP

The second "bit" is not reading. This is likely a logic issue, most likely caused by a wiring fault. 

If this is a Pi node, check the gpio cable, specifically the pins 10, 11, 12 ,13 and 15. I bet you'll find a wire loose. 

Otherwise, just check all the wiring. 

Dave Cameron 

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From: "Ken Pokigo via Groups.Io" <kenpokigo101@...>
Date: 2/8/20 6:10 AM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: Re: [IRLP] IRLP DTMF Failure

Thanks so much.  I could not remember the command to see the dtmf decode.
It proves what I thought. Tones are not being decoded correctly.  Some are ok but
7 reads as 5
6 reads as 4
3 reads as 1
2 nothing

I dont know what would have happened all of a sudden.
Do you have any ideas?
Thank you so much fro your help

On Saturday, February 8, 2020, 07:24:09 AM EST, k9dc <dave@...> wrote:

> On Feb 7, 2020, at 21:22, Ken Pokigo via Groups.Io <> wrote:

> All of a sudden my node does not any longer decode the  DTMF tones correctly.
> I have custom decode 2 digit numbers set up
> When i key in tones the node does weird stuff like tries to connect to nodes
> I doesnt seem to be reading the tones correctly but interprets the numbers wrong.
> Ken

There are several things you can do to troubleshoot. Log in to the node and check the following.

1. Look at the IRLP log file /home/irlp/log/messages See what has happened on the past.

cat log/messages  or
less log/messages

2. Monitor DTMF operation with ‘readinput’ while you are dialing. see what is actually being decoded.

  [real time spill of all action on the radio port
Ctrl-C to quit readinput

3. Try your custom commands using ‘decode’ from the command line.

decode 9200 or
decode <custom-code>


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